Hypertension in the News

Blood Pressure Seems to Stay Lower Longer in Fitter Men

09/15/2014 - Study suggests heart-healthy exercise may keep blood vessels more flexible

Even a Little Excess Weight Can Boost Blood Pressure: Study

09/10/2014 - Researchers find, in 8-week span, that those who gain in the abdomen have highest increase

Nine of 10 American Kids Eat Too Much Salt: CDC

09/09/2014 - Almost half of daily intake comes from the 10 foods they eat most

ER Visits Up for High Blood Pressure

09/09/2014 - But admissions, deaths are down, U.S. study finds

'Spare Tire' May Be Especially Bad for Your Blood Pressure

09/02/2014 - Weight gain around the middle was key to rising risk for hypertension, study found

Preterm or Small Birth Tied to Long-Term Risks to Heart, Brain

09/02/2014 - But researchers say exercise, education may help overcome deficiencies

Diet, Exercise Counseling Urged for Overweight Americans With Heart Risks

08/26/2014 - Task force guidelines could apply to half of U.S. adults

Big Drop in U.S. Heart-Related Hospitalizations and Deaths, Study Finds

08/18/2014 - Lifestyle changes, wider use of medications driving the trend, researchers say

Severe Sleep Apnea May Boost Odds for Stubborn High Blood Pressure

08/15/2014 - The two conditions may be interconnected, study finds

Women, Blacks Hit Harder by Heart Disease Risk Factors

08/11/2014 - High blood pressure, diabetes play the biggest roles, new research reports

High Blood Pressure in Middle Age, Weaker Brain Later?

08/04/2014 - Study shows a link, but it's unclear if medications in midlife will ward off dementia

Barbershops Join Fight Against High Blood Pressure in Black Men

08/01/2014 - Novel partnership detects "silent killer" in more than one-third of those tested, study reports

Healthy Habits May Help Childhood Cancer Survivors Avoid Chronic Ills

07/28/2014 - Lifestyle choices influence long-term outcomes, researcher says

High-Salt Diets Could Double Risk of Heart Woes for Diabetics

07/22/2014 - Risk even greater for people whose diabetes isn't well-controlled, study finds

Sleepless Nights After Divorce May Be Tied to Blood Pressure Rise

07/22/2014 - Small study finds delayed reaction among those who had trouble resting for more than 10 weeks

Could Probiotics Help Tame High Blood Pressure?

07/21/2014 - Study suggests effect from helpful microbes in yogurt, supplements, but more research is needed

No Change in Heart Attack Rates for Younger U.S. Adults

07/21/2014 - And women tend to fare worse than men, study finds

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Likely Saves Money, Study Finds

07/15/2014 - American Heart Association recommends self-testing; research says it benefits patients and insurers

High Blood Pressure May Protect the Very Old From Dementia

07/14/2014 - But it's too early to recommend any change in treatment, researcher says

A Little Alcohol May Not Be Good for Your Heart After All

07/11/2014 - New gene-focused review suggests that cutting down on drinking is always heart-healthy

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The amount of alcohol you drink has nothing to do with your blood pressure.