Can I Survive Kidney Cancer?

A prognosis is a statement about the prospect of surviving and recovering from a disease. The chance that you will recover or have a recurrence from kidney cancer depends on many factors. Read more about surviving kidney cancer ›

Personal Story Network: Living with Kidney Cancer

There are many challenging decisions, emotions, and aftereffects that follow a diagnosis of kidney cancer. If you, or someone you know has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, you may find some comfort in reading a first-hand account of a few brave survivors, caregivers, and committed professionals on the forefront of kidney cancer care.

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Where to Find Support for Kidney Cancer

Dealing with your feelings is often easier as you learn more about the cancer and get support from other people. Your doctor is a good place to start to answer your questions. But there are other team members who can help.

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How to Tell Your Healthcare Team How You Feel When You Have Kidney Cancer

Treating your cancer to get the best results is important. But your quality of life also matters. Let your doctor and nurse know if you are experiencing any side effects or discomfort. There's a good chance there is something that can be done to help.

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