Some people use statistics to try to figure out their chance of getting cancer or of being cured. Statistics show what happens to large groups of people. Because no two people are alike, you cannot use them to predict what will happen to you.

Here are some statistics about kidney cancer from the American Cancer Society. They include both adults and children and both renal cell and transitional cell carcinomas:

  • About 60,920 people in the US will be told they have kidney cancer in 2011.

  • Kidney cancer is more common in men than in women. Of these cases, about 37,120 will be in men. About 23,800 cases will be in women.

  • Most people with kidney cancer are older. It is very uncommon in people younger than age 45. It is most common in people who are 55 or older.

  • About 13,120 people in the US will die of kidney cancer in 2011.

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