Lung Cancer in the News

Lung Cancer May Lie Dormant for 2 Decades

10/09/2014 - Additional genetic mistakes eventually trigger aggressive growth, study finds

Tobacco Tied to Higher Risk of Oral HPV Infection, Study Finds

10/07/2014 - Researchers say smoking and 'chew' raised odds for the virus, which is linked to mouth, throat cancer

Groups Call for Medicare Coverage of Lung Cancer Screening

09/30/2014 - CT scans for high-risk seniors covered by private insurers, but Medicare not required to do so

Lung Infections May Hamper Ability to Detect Lung Cancer

09/23/2014 - Certain conditions make it harder to reliably detect tumors, study says

Chest Radiation May Help Fight Some Advanced Lung Cancers: Study

09/15/2014 - Added to chemo, it lowered recurrence rates, improved survival, researchers report

Number of Young Non-Smokers Who Tried E-Cigs Tripled in 2 Years

08/25/2014 - CDC report also finds that teens who used the devices were more likely to say they would try smoking

Hospital Discharge a Key Time to Help Smokers Quit

08/19/2014 - New study finds that follow-up monitoring and care is crucial

Common Respiratory Diseases Tied to Lung Cancer Risk

08/15/2014 - Chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia linked to risk in study, but not asthma, tuberculosis

U.S. Lung Cancer Rates Falling Overall, Study Finds

08/11/2014 - Yet certain types of lung malignancies are still on the rise

New Cancer Classification System Might Boost Patient Outcomes

08/07/2014 - Categorizing tumors by cell type and not the organ they grow in may alter treatment, experts say

One in 10 Cancer Survivors Still Smoke Years Later, Study Finds

08/06/2014 - Experts say finding shows how hard it is to quit, and that doctors need to make better effort to help

Prisons That Bar Smoking May Boost Inmates' Health: Study

08/06/2014 - Rates of tobacco-related deaths 11 percent lower after long-term bans, researchers say

Possible Advance for Some Late-Stage Lung Cancer Patients

07/07/2014 - Surgical biopsy could pave way for targeted treatments, study says

HIV Patients Less Likely to Get Cancer Treatment: Study

07/01/2014 - Challenges in managing side effects may prompt some doctors to treat tumors less aggressively, researchers suggest

Teens Who Prefer Menthols Are Heavier Smokers: Study

06/27/2014 - It's a fallacy that they're safer than other tobacco products, researcher says

CDC Readies Latest Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads

06/24/2014 - Seven new stories show the ravages of smoking, urge smokers to quit

Smog Controls Tied to Fewer Lung Disease Deaths in N.C.

06/23/2014 - Study of 20 years of data suggests federal mandates on cleaner air had positive impact on health

Timing of Day's First Cigarette May Influence Lung Cancer Risk

06/19/2014 - People who light up soon after rising might face higher odds for the disease, research shows

Tumor-Targeting Agent Attaches to Cancer Cells: Study

06/11/2014 - New molecule may lead to improvements in detection and treatment, researchers say

Breath Test May Spot Lung Cancer

06/02/2014 - Researchers report test could also differentiate early and late stages of the disease

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