Menopause in the News

So-Called 'Apple Shape' Not a Risk Factor for Breast Cancer: Study

04/18/2014 - Overweight, not waist size, was tied to higher odds of developing disease in older women

Bleeding Irregularities Common in Menopause, Study Finds

04/16/2014 - Report should reassure women at this stage of life, researcher says

Time Spent With Grandkids Might Boost Women's Brain Power

04/11/2014 - But don't overdo it: Study found that too much babysitting was tied to mental decline

Health Tip: Avoid Weight Gain During Menopause

04/02/2014 - Eat right and get plenty of exercise

Health Tip: When Early Menopause Strikes

03/11/2014 - Here are common reasons

'Nerve Block' to Neck Might Help Ease Hot Flashes

02/18/2014 - Women in small study suffered fewer moderate-to-severe episodes due to menopause

Moderate Exercise May Cut Women's Stroke Risk

02/13/2014 - Study found brisk walking, tennis lowered chances of brain attack by 20 percent

Sex Is Important to Many Midlife Women

02/10/2014 - Study finds some challenges with sexual function that can be remedied

FDA Will Review Safety of Testosterone Therapy

02/03/2014 - Agency pointed to recent studies citing possible heightened heart risk tied to the treatments

For Many Women, Hot Flashes Last 10 Years or More After Menopause

01/31/2014 - Obese white women and black women most prone to the condition, study finds

Postmenopausal Estrogen Therapy Tied to Lower Glaucoma Risk

01/30/2014 - Effect seen for women on estrogen-only treatment in study, but experts say more research is needed

High Estrogen Levels Plus Diabetes May Boost Dementia Risk

01/29/2014 - Study of older women found having more of hormone from fat tissue after age 65 unwise

Testosterone Therapy Might Increase Heart Attack Risk: Study

01/29/2014 - Researchers say risk doubles after treatment starts for men under 65 with heart problems and all men over 65

Hormone Therapy May Cut Risk of Repeat Joint Replacement Surgery in Women

01/23/2014 - Those who took it after hip, knee replacement saw risk of second procedure drop by about 40 percent

Too Much Sitting May Be Harmful for Older Women

01/17/2014 - 12-year study of 93,000 women found higher risk of early death for least active

Experts Lay Out Options for Menopause Symptoms

12/23/2013 - Evidence grows that antidepressants can help, new guidelines say

Estrogen Won't Make Women Sharper After Menopause, Study Finds

11/25/2013 - Researchers see no brain benefits even in early postmenopause

Hormone Therapy May Work Only for Women With Hot Flashes

11/13/2013 - Study finds gains in memory, sleep and focus aren't universal

Estrogen After Menopause May Blunt Stress' Effects on Memory

11/11/2013 - In small study, older women with higher hormone levels didn't show memory decline

Study Raises Questions About Testosterone Therapy

11/05/2013 - But it doesn't prove heart harms from the popular supplements

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