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Keeping Fit May Halve Seniors' Heart Failure Risk

07/06/2015 - Study suggests health choices still make a difference in old age

Extreme Exercising Can Lead to Blood Poisoning, Study Reveals

06/19/2015 - Expert says gradual training can help prevent problems

Exercise May Have Benefits Beyond Fitness in Type 2 Diabetes

06/18/2015 - Study finds aerobics or strength training can improve blood sugar levels, lower body fat and waist size

COPD Patients Less Active, Which Can Worsen Outcomes

06/17/2015 - Study finds a 'vicious circle' where decline in exercise exacerbates the disease

Most Physical Activity Helps You Sleep Better

06/12/2015 - But housework and child care linked to poorer slumber

Parents' Age May Be Factor in Child's Autism Risk

06/09/2015 - Greater odds of disorder in kids of teen moms, older moms and parents with big age gap, study suggests

Health Tip: Avoiding Overuse Injury

05/27/2015 - Vary your exercise routine

Health Tip: Exercise Boosts Heart Health

05/22/2015 - It can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Staying Fit May Delay Onset of High Cholesterol, Study Finds

05/11/2015 - Regular physical activity seems to put off age-related increases in men by up to 15 years

Father's Sperm May Hold Clues to Autism Risk

04/15/2015 - Future research will examine more families, different occupations

Health Tip: Looking for an Exercise Product?

04/02/2015 - If possible, verify manufacturer claims

Dad's Depression Affects Toddler's Behavior, Too

03/18/2015 - Study found a father's moods might increase risk of his youngster's anxiety, sadness

Health Tip: Build a Fitness Support System

03/11/2015 - Get family and friends to keep you motivated

Health Tip: Benefits From Proper Diet and Exercise

03/10/2015 - Positives include better stress management

Fit Body at 40 May Keep Brain Bright at 60

03/04/2015 - Tests show higher midlife fitness levels tied to greater brain volume, function decades later

Health Tip: Conquering Exercise Saboteurs

03/04/2015 - Don't use stress as an excuse

Health Tip: Finding Time for Fitness

12/22/2014 - Easy ways to get more exercise

Sleep Apnea May Lower Your Aerobic Fitness

12/03/2014 - People with the sleep disorder take in less oxygen during exercise, small study finds

Home Exercise Boosts Heart Patients' Frame of Mind

11/19/2014 - But in-hospital workouts didn't produce same results, study found

Want to Be a Leader? Cultivate a Healthy Look

11/05/2014 - The appearance of fitness trumps a look of intelligence, study says

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Getting speedy treatment after a stroke is vital. Your chances of recovery are much better if you are treated with clot-dissolving medication within three hours after a stroke occurs. A 2007 study by Columbia University in New York found that men appear to respond better to this treatment than women.