Migraine & Headaches in the News

Migraine May Raise Risk for Bell's Palsy, Study Suggests

12/17/2014 - The headaches were tied to a doubling of odds for the facial paralysis, researchers say

No Link Between Migraine, Breast Cancer Risk, Study Says

12/12/2014 - Since both involve hormone levels, researchers suspected a possible connection

Health Tip: When Headaches Signal Trouble

11/14/2014 - Signs that you should see a doctor

Weight-Loss Surgery May Raise Risk of Severe Headaches, Scientists Report

10/22/2014 - But experts find the study too small, problem too rare to be of concern

Noninvasive Devices May Help Migraines, FDA Says

09/22/2014 - New treatments might aid those who can't tolerate medications

Are Migraines in Middle Age Tied to Raised Parkinson's Risk Later?

09/17/2014 - Study sees a connection, but actual risk is small; more study needed, researchers say

Cosmetic Eye Procedure May Ease Migraines, Small Study Says

08/22/2014 - Eyelid surgery may help treat severe headaches, but not everyone's convinced

Certain Symptoms Can Delay Lupus Diagnosis, Researchers Report

08/19/2014 - Headache, seizures often lead doctors down the wrong path

Health Tip: Easing Headache Pain

07/25/2014 - Use an ice pack or heat wrap

Season's Change Can Bring on Cluster Headaches

06/27/2014 - An expert's advice on how to deal with the painful condition

Surgery Doubted as a Migraine Reliever

06/27/2014 - Review of two studies finds inconclusive evidence of success

Chronic Migraines Affect the Whole Family

06/26/2014 - Web survey suggests the condition influences marriage, parenting and family dynamics

Former NFL Players May Be Plagued With Chronic Headaches

06/25/2014 - Study finds ex-NFL members average 19 days of headaches a month; past concussions a likely cause, expert says

Migraines May Worsen During Menopause

06/24/2014 - Women in perimenopause, menopause have more migraines than premenopausal women, study finds

Head Injuries Tied to Higher Migraine Risk for Veterans

06/19/2014 - Blast wounds and wartime stress are both known to increase headache risk, study authors say

Headaches During Sex More Common Than Thought, Expert Says

06/13/2014 - Problem affects more than 1 out of 100 people, mostly men

Migraines Linked to Increased Risk of 'Silent Strokes'

05/15/2014 - Treating migraines might reduce stroke risk, researchers suggest

New Drugs May Help Prevent Migraines

04/22/2014 - Two early trials show two experimental compounds reduced number of headaches for sufferers

Health Tip: What May Trigger Tension Headaches

04/11/2014 - Lack of sleep is a strong possibility

Girls Suffer Worse Concussions, Study Suggests

04/10/2014 - Researchers found they had more severe symptoms, longer recovery times than boys

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