Osteoporosis in the News

FDA Approves First in New Class of Drugs for Advanced Ovarian Cancer

12/21/2014 - Agency also gives OK to genetic test used to identify eligible patients

Severe Hot Flashes During Menopause May Raise Hip Fracture Risk Later: Study

12/18/2014 - Researchers suspect that more marked hormonal changes may explain possible connection

Syphilis on the Rise Among Gay, Bisexual Men: CDC

12/16/2014 - Rates of chlamydia dip for the first time in 30 years

Timing of First Period Tied to Women's Later Heart Risk: Study

12/15/2014 - Getting it earlier or later raised chances of trouble, experts think childhood obesity might be at play

No Link Between Migraine, Breast Cancer Risk, Study Says

12/12/2014 - Since both involve hormone levels, researchers suspected a possible connection

Gene Test May Help Predict Return of Early Breast Tumor, Study Says

12/12/2014 - Idea is to identify women who do and don't need further treatment

Low-Fat Diet May Boost Survival for Some Breast Cancer Patients

12/12/2014 - Women without estrogen-dependent disease benefited most in study

The Pill Remains Most Common Method of Birth Control, U.S. Report Shows

12/11/2014 - But long-acting IUDs are gaining in popularity, experts note

New Treatment Shows Promise in Younger Breast Cancer Patients: Study

12/11/2014 - Suppressing the ovaries and adding an anti-estrogen drug reduced recurrence in premenopausal women

Many Breast Cancer Patients Get Too Much Radiation Therapy, Research Suggests

12/10/2014 - Studies show that a shorter course of treatment yields similar benefits, but it remains underused, experts say

Preliminary Studies Target Advanced Breast Cancers

12/10/2014 - Combination treatment for estrogen-receptor-positive tumors shows promise, researchers say

No Link Seen Between Celiac Disease, Infertility

12/09/2014 - Researcher says findings should reassure women with the digestive disorder

Full Bladder May Get a Third of Women Over 40 Up at Night

12/09/2014 - Known as nocturia, condition can be benign or linked to more serious health issue, researchers note

Are Routine Ultrasounds for Women With Dense Breasts Worthwhile?

12/08/2014 - Study finds test after normal mammogram saves few lives while boosting costs and false-positive results

Women Can Outperform Men in Financial Negotiations, Study Shows

12/05/2014 - Researchers say certain situations favor females: similar past experience, bargaining for others

Study Casts Doubt on Low-Dose Aspirin for Women Under 65

12/05/2014 - Benefits of cutting heart disease and cancer risk is clearer in older women, but use should be individualized, experts say

California Infants Hit Hard by Whooping Cough Epidemic: Report

12/04/2014 - Health care providers urged to recommend vaccine to pregnant women, to protect their babies

Breast Cancer Screening Less Likely Among Mentally Ill: Study

12/04/2014 - Conditions such as depression or schizophrenia linked to lower mammogram rates

FDA Issues New Drug Label Rules to Better Inform Pregnant Women

12/03/2014 - Agency official says labeling changes should help patients 'make critical decisions' about medicines

Mammograms for 40-Somethings Supported by New Study

12/02/2014 - Limiting screening to women with family history, dense breasts would miss many cancers, researchers find

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Women ages 19 to 50 need at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium every day. Younger women and women older than 50 need even more.