Overcoming Arthritis Pain

8 Proven Treatments for Arthritis Pain

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, especially among older people. People with arthritis usually have joint pain and limited movement – and it affects more than 20 million people nationwide. From lifestyle changes to medications and surgery, discover how to relieve your arthritis pain ›

Medications for Knee and Hip Pain

Several types of medication are used for knee and hip problems, some to control pain and inflammation and others to interfere with various disease processes.  From Tylenol and common anti-inflammatory medicines to more advanced treatments, take a look at the full range of options

10 Simple Exercises to Avoid Back Pain

Exercise is more than just a good health habit; it’s also a specific and effective treatment for back pain.  If you do just 15 minutes of back exercises three times a week, you’ll go a long way toward strengthening your back, neck, and shoulder muscles. Take a look at these 10 suggested moves

Treating Back Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from episodes of back pain each year. Back pain is the second most common reason that adults see a docto.  Most back pain occurs in the lower back because that's the part of the spine that bears the most weight. But pain can occur elsewhere in the back, as well

Alternative Ways to Beat Pain

Scientific research is showing what millions of chiropractic patients already know. Chiropractic adjustments take less time and the benefits last longer ›

Knocking Out Knee Pain

Many knee problems are a result of the aging process and continual wear and stress on the knee joint, which can result in arthritis. Learn more about other common knee problems ›

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25% of US adults experience at least 1 day of back pain in a 3-month period.