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Obesity Linked to Increased Odds of Losing Baby, Study Finds

04/15/2014 - Weight counseling should start before pregnancy, expert says

Mother's Pregnancy Weight Gain May Influence Child's Obesity Risk

04/15/2014 - Study found that either too few or too many added pounds upped child's odds for being overweight

Study Ties Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy to Autism Risk in Boys

04/14/2014 - But the risk is low, and it's important to treat depression in pregnant women, experts say

Health Tip: Eating Fish During Pregnancy

04/10/2014 - Avoid types that harbor lots of mercury

Aspirin Advised for Women at High Risk for Pregnancy Complication

04/08/2014 - Low daily dose helps protect against preeclampsia, U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says

Spotting Cause of Newborn Brain Injury Could Aid Prevention, Report Says

04/03/2014 - Some cases of neonatal encephalopathy may be preventable

More Signs Autism May Originate During Pregnancy

03/26/2014 - Brain-tissue samples show differences linked to prenatal development

Health Tip: Get Healthy Before Pregnancy

03/26/2014 - Don't forget folic acid

Stress May Diminish a Woman's Fertility, Study Suggests

03/24/2014 - First U.S. review to show a possible link between stress and how long it takes to get pregnant

Lung Ultrasound Can Spot Risk of Respiratory Failure in Pregnancy: Study

03/21/2014 - Researchers recommend its use for women with complication called preeclampsia

Cardiac Arrest During Childbirth More Common Than Thought: Study

03/21/2014 - Causes can include severe high blood pressure, excessive bleeding, blood infection, researchers report

Gut Bacteria in Preemies Could Lead to Life-Threatening Infections

03/21/2014 - Study looked for alternate sources of sepsis, a bloodstream infection sometimes linked to hospital care

Doctors' Groups Warn Against Underwater Births

03/20/2014 - Approach might help with early labor but can pose danger to newborns, ob/gyns and pediatricians say

Pregnant Women May Be More Vulnerable to Potentially Dangerous Infection: Study

03/18/2014 - Screening for H. influenzae not recommended for now, expert says

Don't Order Fetal Ultrasound Videos As Souvenirs: FDA

03/18/2014 - In addition, agency says, leave Doppler fetal heartbeat monitors to health professionals

More Evidence Environmental Exposures Contribute to Autism

03/13/2014 - Where birth defects increased, so did diagnoses of the developmental disorder, study showed

Preterm Birth May Raise Child's Asthma Risk, Study Suggests

03/13/2014 - The more premature the delivery, the higher the odds for respiratory trouble, researchers found

Nicotine Patches Don't Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking: Study

03/12/2014 - Researchers also found those who used them had higher blood pressure than those who didn't

Alcohol Near Start of Pregnancy Linked to Premature Babies

03/11/2014 - Educated whites most likely to exceed drinking recommendations, British study finds

Overweight Moms May Have Dangerously Big Babies

03/06/2014 - Excessive weight gain leads to serious problems for mothers and infants, study suggests

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Talk about crazy cravings: Some pregnant women have the urge to eat clay, laundry starch, or cornstarch — a condition called pica.