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Less Flexibility Seen in Brain Wiring of Kids With Autism: Study

07/29/2014 - Scans reveal differences that might explain why transitions are difficult

It's 'Buyer Beware' for Decorative Contact Lenses, FDA Says

07/29/2014 - Get an eye exam and a valid prescription to help prevent eye damage, experts caution

Health Highlights: July 29, 2014

07/29/2014 -

Healthy Habits May Slow Cellular Signs of Aging, Study Finds

07/29/2014 - Pay attention to your lifestyle during stressful times, researcher says

'Love Hormone' Oxytocin May Help Some With Autism

07/29/2014 - Study found it boosted ability of certain patients to read facial expressions, nonverbal cues

Health Tip: Grill Fruits and Veggies

07/29/2014 - Meat isn't the only grill-able food

Health Tip: Encourage Kids to Exercise

07/29/2014 - Here's a list of health benefits

Early Hormone Therapy May Be Safe for Women's Hearts

07/28/2014 - Hormone replacement started soon after menopause wasn't linked to hardening of the arteries in study

Healthy School Lunches Get Thumbs Up From Students

07/28/2014 - Kids aren't avoiding healthier fare or throwing more food away, research shows

CDC Downplays Ebola's Threat to the United States

07/28/2014 - Deadly virus relatively slow to transmit, and travel factors make spread from West Africa unlikely

Running Could Add 3 Years to Your Lifespan

07/28/2014 - Just 5 to 10 minutes a day seems to bring benefits, study says

Pacemakers Common for Those With Dementia and Irregular Heartbeats

07/28/2014 - Study couldn't explain why more dementia patients had operation, though families' wishes likely a factor

Facial Dimensions May Be Key to First Impressions

07/28/2014 - Findings especially relevant to social media's obsession with 'selfies,' researchers say

Heat Stroke a Greater Threat to Endurance Runners Than Heart Problems: Study

07/28/2014 - More education needed about how to prevent it, researchers say

FDA Expands Use of Imbruvica for Form of Leukemia

07/28/2014 - People with CLL and a specific genetic anomaly can now get the therapy

Chronic Medical Conditions Can Shorten Seniors' Lives: Study

07/28/2014 - Preventing older people from developing additional illnesses may boost life expectancy, researcher says

Healthy 'Brown Fat' May Cut Odds for Obesity, Diabetes

07/28/2014 - Study confirmed it helps regulate blood sugar levels, increases insulin sensitivity in people with more of it

Inflammatory Muscle Disorder May Raise Risk for Heart Attack, Stroke

07/28/2014 - Patients with polymyalgia rheumatica may be more likely to develop vascular disease, study shows

'Fist Bump' May Beat Handshake for Cleanliness

07/28/2014 - U.K. researchers found it transferred about a tenth of the bacteria that gripping hands did

Tonsillectomy for Sleep Apnea May Trigger Weight Gain

07/28/2014 - Study found overweight kids who had surgery were more likely to become obese within seven months

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Older Americans are the least physically active age group, according to the Foundation for Health in Aging. Only about 20 percent of older adults are moderately active.