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Tips for Safe Snow Fun

02/28/2015 - Winter sports account for more than 343,000 injuries in U.S. a year, experts say

Belief in Acupuncture Key to Effect on Back Pain, Study Suggests

02/27/2015 - Doctor says finding illustrates power of placebo effect

Global Blood Pressure Program Could Save Millions of Lives, Experts Say

02/27/2015 - Improving access to care, treatment is key, especially in lower-income countries

Hospital Design May Not Boost Patient Satisfaction, Research Suggests

02/27/2015 - Aesthetics aren't as important as care from doctors, nurses and staff, study notes

Immune System Changes Tied to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

02/27/2015 - Researchers saw evidence only in first 3 years of disease, findings could lead to early test

Hepatitis C Infections in Hospitals Show Need for Tight Infection Control Practices

02/27/2015 - In both cases, there were breaches in safety rules, CDC reports

When Babies Spit Up, Don't Panic

02/27/2015 - Expert offers tips on lowering chances of episodes, knowing when to worry

In Northeast, Weather Changes May Mean More Ticks, Earlier

02/27/2015 - Warming trend could affect the spread of Lyme disease, research suggests

Airport Screenings Miss Roughly Half of Sick Travelers: Study

02/27/2015 - Dishonesty among passengers about exposure to diseases biggest barrier to effective checks

ER Physician Raises Concerns About Powdered Caffeine

02/27/2015 - One teaspoon of substance equivalent to about 25 cups of coffee

1 in 5 Preemies With Lung Disease Exposed to Secondhand Smoke

02/27/2015 - 22 percent were from what parents said were nonsmoking homes, study finds

Health Highlights: Feb. 27, 2015

02/27/2015 -

Study Links Recession to Spike in Suicides Among Middle-Aged

02/27/2015 - Big jump in rates seen during 2007-2010, when U.S. economy was lagging

Seasonal Flu Vaccine Even Less Effective Than Thought: CDC

02/27/2015 - And nasal version appears to provide no protection at all for young children

Epilepsy Surgery Gets High Marks From Patients in Survey

02/27/2015 - 92 percent said it was worthwhile, with fewer seizures and higher quality-of-life

Health Tip: Offer Kids the 5 Food Groups

02/27/2015 - Here are suggested healthier choices

Health Tip: What's Triggering Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

02/27/2015 - Factors that can spur symptoms

Could Coffee Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis?

02/26/2015 - Studies link several cups daily with reduced odds for the disease

Poor Response to Statins May Mean Clogged Arteries

02/26/2015 - About 1 in 5 patients taking cholesterol-lowering drugs doesn't benefit, researchers find

Rear End Takes a Front Seat in Plastic Surgery Offices

02/26/2015 - Men also drove up overall number of cosmetic procedures, doctors say

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