Colorectal Cancer Quiz

By Floria, Barbara

What Do You Know about Colorectal Cancer?

Cancers of the colon and rectum together are among the most common cancers affecting Americans, according to the National Cancer Institute. They occur most often in people older than 50. Test your knowledge of colorectal cancer by taking this multiple-choice quiz.

1. How curable is colorectal cancer?
2. Which of these is an early symptom of this cancer?
3. Which of these population groups are more likely to develop it?
4. At which age should annual screening begin?
5. Which tests does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend be done annually?
6. Which factors may contribute to colorectal cancer?
7. What factors in your personal history may contribute to an increased risk?
8. Which of these preventive measures is the most effective means of reducing risk for colorectal cancer?
9. How does colorectal cancer begin?
10. Where is colorectal cancer the second-most common form of cancer?

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Did You Know?

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