Women's Health in the News

Technique Used in Some Hysterectomies May Help Spread Cancer: Study

07/22/2014 - Cutting uterus into smaller fragments for minimally invasive removal can disperse undetected malignancy

Life Skills, Parenting Classes May Cut Inflammation in Poor Kids

07/21/2014 - That, in turn, may help reduce health ills, such as diabetes and heart disease, researcher says

No Change in Heart Attack Rates for Younger U.S. Adults

07/21/2014 - And women tend to fare worse than men, study finds

Smoking While Pregnant Linked to ADHD in Children

07/21/2014 - Expectant moms' use of nicotine-replacement therapy could also spell problems for kids, study suggests

HPV Test Beats Pap Smear in Gauging Cervical Cancer Risk, Study Finds

07/18/2014 - Study of over 1 million women suggests it could be stand-alone screening method

Full-Time Job May Disrupt Breast-Feeding Plans

07/18/2014 - Study found moms who returned to part-time work were better able to meet their goals

Childhood Sex Abuse May Be Linked to Heart Disease Risk in Women

07/17/2014 - Researchers found more signs of thickening in neck arteries of these women during mid-life

Removing Healthy Breast of Little Benefit to Breast Cancer Patients: Study

07/16/2014 - Women choosing the procedure gained just one to seven extra months of life over 20 years, researchers say

Stress May Leave You Heading to the Cookie Jar

07/14/2014 - Worried women could be prone to weight gain, study suggests

FDA Advisers Weigh Risks of Procedure for Removal of Uterine Fibroids

07/14/2014 - No guarantee that devices won't increase chances of spreading cancer to other parts of a woman's body, experts say

Stem Cells May Ease Urinary Incontinence, Study Says

07/11/2014 - Treatment looked promising in small trial

Study Links Vasectomy to Aggressive Prostate Cancer

07/10/2014 - But the finding doesn't prove cause-and-effect; urologists call for more research

Breast Cancer Drug Aromasin May Be Option for Some Premenopausal Women

07/09/2014 - It produced lower 5-year recurrence rates compared to tamoxifen, but didn't boost overall survival, study finds

Breast Cancer Drug May Help Women Fight a Leading Cause of Infertility: Study

07/09/2014 - Letrozole improves pregnancy rates in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, researcher says

Exercising Moms-to-Be Have Less Chubby Babies, Study Finds

07/09/2014 - This could benefit newborns later in life, researcher suggests

Study Targets Causes of Birth Defects

07/08/2014 - New research challenges chromosomal theory tied to problems

More Painkillers May Raise Heart Risks for Older Women: Review

07/08/2014 - Class of drugs that includes naproxen linked to increased chance of heart attack, stroke, but finding not conclusive

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Doesn't Boost Clot Risk: Study

07/08/2014 - Analysis included more than 500,000 women from Denmark

Home Nurse Visits May Improve Survival of Moms, Babies

07/07/2014 - Deaths were far more common when poor women did not receive follow-up care, study finds

Many Obese Women Face Stigma Every Day, Study Finds

07/07/2014 - Daily diaries documented snubs, insults and put-downs